America's smaller private colleges and universities prepare students for personal and professional success
  • Employees Who Stand Out

    Employees Who Stand Out

    Liberal arts skills apply to a wide range of issues and different types of organizations. They get you hired, they help you stand out, they create workers with passion and purpose, and they lead to promotions. A specialized education, for me, is secondary.

  • Why Every Tech Company Needs An English Major

    Why Every Tech Company Needs An English Major

    Because as important as the technology is that powers our lives, businesses also depend on liberal arts-centric communicators to articulate why the technology matters.


  • Study Liberal Arts -- and Gain Power

    Study Liberal Arts -- and Gain Power

    To disparage liberal arts, as politicians often do, is to disparage citizenship itself. And though it may seem populist to champion so-called practical fields, there's nothing more elitist than saying that most people can't benefit from a liberal arts education.

  • Why a Liberal Arts Education Is the Best Job Preparation

    Why a Liberal Arts Education Is the Best Job Preparation

    Students today can easily find information. The challenge is making sense of the whole, finding connections, dealing with complexity.


  • Students in STEM Fields Are More Likely to Graduate on Time from Private Colleges
    80% of graduates finished within four years at smaller private colleges, compared to 52% at larger public universities and 34% at regional public universities.
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    Liberal Arts: Ron Kirk, Austin College — Senior of Counsel, Gibson, Dunn & Krutcher; Former U.S. Trade Representative; Former Mayor of Dallas; Former Secretary of State of Texas

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    Liberal Arts: Dzifa Yador, St. Lawrence University — Dzifa Yador Production Coordinator, MTV Networks/Viacom

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    Liberal Arts: Phelosha Collaros, St. John's College — Phelosha Collaros Director, ASRT Foundation

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    Liberal Arts: Isaac Holeman, Lewis & Clark College — Isaac Holeman Cofounder, Medic Mobile Member, Forbes' 30 under 30 Social Entrepreneur List

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    Liberal Arts: Mary Elizabeth Ulliman, Saint Mary's College — Mary Elizabeth Ulliman Account Manager, Google

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    Liberal Arts: Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Whittier College — Jascha Kaykas-Wolff Chief Marketing Officer, BitTorrent

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    The Power of a Liberal Arts Education - with James Rebhorn — Wittenberg University graduate James Rebhorn discusses the value of the liberal arts.

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    Liberal Arts Prepares Students For Careers in Technology — Colgate University alumni met at Google HQ to talk about Digital Media and Technology.

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    The Power of A Liberal Arts Education — Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in MA


    Why Austin College? — Austin College alum Sameen Wajid '13 speaks on college choices, where you will spend the next 4 years, and what if you don't have all the answers.